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Toyota is a company which has earned my greatest admiration.  As a young mechanic working on Carinas, Corollas, Cressidas, and Crowns, I thought they were just another import.  Honestly, I didn't think they were very reliable or safe.  But Toyota took their success in the American marketplace and steadily improved the models until they became first a leader, and now a standard for customer satisfaction.

The part I like best about Toyota now is the hybrids.  I have owned several Prius' and as of this writing cannot think of a better thought-out and built car. 

The history of the first production hybrid, the PRIUS, is interesting.  Toyota was not really interested in producing the car, and was only tinkering around with hybrid technology.  To meet fuel efficiency goals, the Japanese government told Toyota that they had to make a highly fuel efficient car.   Let's be clear about this.  Toyota did not produce the Prius becaue they are a 'green' company.  They did it because they were told to by the government.   But, when they were challenged, Toyota had the opportunity to dodge out of new and innovative technologies (like GM dropping their electric cars).  Instead, they seriously committed to the concept and did it right.

With the factory tools, we offer a complete range of services for all models of Toyotas.  From regular maintenance to reprogramming computers, we do it all.  And we are the Prius experts!

Now a quiz!  Can you tell us what year you could have found all of the above early models (those starting with the letter c) on the road as new cars?  Email us with the answer and qualify for $10.00 off an oil change!  Offer is limited to the first five correct respondents.

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