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(We used to call them loaners, but that caused confusion)

The rental cars are offered for $15 per calendar day. This is the actual price, as it includes tax, and gas. Just drive away and return it when your car is ready! We only ask that they be treated respectfully and not used for hauling spelunkers, compost, farm animals, and other things requiring a cleanup! We also expect that they are not taken out of town.

As much as we would like to be able to offer on line booking, the rentals need to be handled by phone, email, or text.

Call, email, or text us

In keeping with our commitment to a smaller carbon footprint and smaller impact on our world we are happy to have a fleet of efficient hybrids. And, a future transition to electric is not far away.


Claire is a '07 Gen 2 Prius, and came to us for a thorough going over a few years ago, at 300,000 miles. She is still going strong with over 336,000 on the clock, and is my favorite Prius. She runs and drives like she did in 2007, wow!

SLIUS (SilLverPrius)

Slius, an '03 gen 1 Prius, was our first hybrid rental car. In testament to the longevity of the Prius model Slius is still slugging along at 373,000 miles at last writing.


Snowball 1 is an'02 Prius. She came to us from a lovely couple who were ready for a new car. They cared so much about this car that they refused a greater offer than mine, because they knew it was going into the hybrid expert's hands and would see a long and happy life here! She is the kitten in the crowd with only 115,000 miles on the odometer.


Snowball 2, an '03 Prius Gen 1, is a more recent addition to our flock. She hails from Duluth originally. With 171,000 miles racked, this car is just getting going!


We hope to have a Nissan Leaf all electric available soon!

If you want something new and flashy, we can recommend a good rental agency.




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