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We sell and repair tires.

We feature the NOKIAN brand and have many others available.

We highly recommend the Nokian WR all season tire.  
The only "all season" that lives up to the description ALL SEASON, meeting the SEVERE SERVICE  specification.


For many years, I have been strongly recommending that people use special tires in the winter.  A long time ago we referred to them as snow tires. The term winter tires now refers to any tire designed specifically for the very cold climates.  And, the term snow tires now refers to a type of winter tire optimized for deep snow but not necessarily very good for dry pavement in the winter.   Studs are sometimes installed in winter tires or snow tires if the tire designed to accommodate them.

Many people believe that all season tires are appropriate for the winter. Unfortunately the term "all season" is a marketing gimmick and has very little to do with  the suitability of a tire to be used in cold weather.  Most all season tires sold in this country provide no help in winter driving, and if they provide any help in the winter, it is likely to be both marginal and at the expense of longevity.

Following my former advice, and having a set of winter tires is a great solution, if you have the storage space for a second set of tires and wheels, the money to buy them, and the time to go in and get them changed every spring and fall.  For most people it is too much trouble.

When Finland passed a law that you had to have a winter approved tire to use your car in the wintertime, all the motoring Finns found themselves in the situation of needing two sets of tires. And just like us, many of them found it to be a huge bother.

Nokian Tires, being based in Finland, saw an opportunity.  Why not make an all season tire that really IS for all seasons.  They put together the rubber technology and manufacturing technology to come up with the only all season tire that passes the Finnish government's winter standard, called "severe service".  Not only that, but they got the tires to last so long they could put a 50.000 mile tread wear warranty on them

Now we recommend the WR year round, for most all of our customers.
We continue to have winter tires available for those of you who must have the very best traction.

Nokian WR Tire information


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